Turmeric: how to put more gold dust in your life

Turmeric is the nectar right at the top of the health food trail. Many health experts are excited about it – not least healthy bakers! Especially because we have to work harder to create colourful, handsome bakes when using only natural products. You may have seen our previous blog post about the amazing health properties of turmeric. The question is, how best to buy it and consume it? Eat it neat and turmeric has a potent, slightly bitter taste, but when used in moderation and with the right ingredients, it brings a mild umami flavour, and can also be a fantastic unifier of other strong flavours.

Quality and provenance does of course matter, but consumed in cooking it’s cheaper – and arguably easier to absorb – than in supplements. Our bakers think it’s kitchen gold dust. Below we recommend our favourite turmeric products, plus five quick, yummy, less-obvious suggestions for putting more of this miracle spice into your daily diet – without the hassle of extracting it from the root, or making yellow curries.

Five golden tips:

  1. 1. Delicious for breakfast stirred into hot quinoa flakes – or even porridge – served with a dollop of coconut jam, a banana, and a little salt and black pepper (which aids the turmeric absorption).
  1. 2. Blend a turmeric paste and brew it as a tea or latte. Our turmeric mylk recipe is based on an Aryuvedic recipe.
  1. 3. An especially useful tip for those who are less keen on the unadulterated turmeric flavour: it tastes great with coffee, giving it a rich, spicy kick. At Modern Baker you can order your turmeric mylk “dirty” style, with a double espresso shot, and slightly sweetened with almond or coconut milk.
  1. 4. Use it in a facemask. A good natural facemask base recipe uses oatmeal, water, and a little honey, yoghurt and egg white. TIP: be sure to use spirulina powder with the turmeric because, amazingly, its green pigment will counter the yellowing effects of turmeric’s strong colouring!
  1. 5. We have turmeric and honey biscuits on our cafe counter most weeks, you can call ahead to check whether they’re on the counter and put some by if you like!

Three golden products we love:

  1. 1. Instantly Golden by Wunder Workshop. We sell this mild powder blend in our shop. It makes a delicious, instant, slightly sweet turmeric mylk, with a little cinnamon, coconut milk powder and black pepper. Instructions on the packet suggest mixing with water, but we prefer it with Rude Health’s Almond Drink, which is naturally sweetened with rice.
  1. 2. Full Spectrum Turmeric powder by Organic Traditions’, a concentrated, potent and pure blend of organic spice. It’s expensive, but a little of this goes a very long way and in the spice world quality variation is so great that provenance is worth paying for.
  1. 3. Our own Ginger & Turmeric sourdough biscuits! These biscuits taste like your childhood memories of ginger snaps – with a depth of flavour thanks to a combination of spices including ginger (of course), cinnamon and turmeric. Made with our special sweet sourdough, these are perfect for dunking in a steaming mug of tea for a comforting treat. You can pick up a packet in our cafe or check out our stockist list here.


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