Top 10 gut-health insights from The Diet Myth

Gut health is set to become the biggest subject in healthy food and wellness. Tim Spector’s book attempts to cover every aspect of modern food’s destructive relationship with our microbiome – the 2kgs of microbes we have in our bodies. It’s the job of these bacteria, fungi and worms to digest our food and regulate our nervous and immune systems, as well as other vital body organs. Processed foods are its biggest enemy. It’s a very worthwhile read.

Here’s a quick digest (pun intended) of the key points.

For the record, Modern Baker sourdough bread made from organic, stoneground, heritage grain flours are highly beneficial for gut health, containing both prebiotics (good fibre) and probiotics (good bacteria).

Tim Spector is a Professor of Genetic Epidemiology at King’s College in London and leads British Gut, a project to understand the microbial diversity of the human gut.



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