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The SUPERLOAF Revolution


A few long years ago, Melissa sat in a chemo ward feeling a growing sense of indignation. The food being fed to patients – and consumed by staff – was actively undermining their health.

There had to be a better way.

It was clear that preaching healthier choices doesn’t work.

On realising that industrial bread is the most commonly eaten ultra-processed food, the conviction grew that improving this staple food would be the best ambition to have.

Since then Modern Baker has evolved from ‘healthy-bakery-with-ambition’ to ‘Top 5 Global FoodTech Next-Gen Food Company’, according to the latest FoodTech 500 survey.

And now, after 5 years of intensive work with scientists, academia, public health, government departments, industry and the creative industries, SUPERLOAF is ready to step into the limelight. The game-changing breakthrough we’ve been promising is baked, sliced, packed and finally on the way to toasters, tables and lunchboxes across the land.

SUPERLOAF looks, tastes and toasts like an unusually delicious bread. But beneath its mild-mannered exterior, it conceals a unique secret.


SUPERLOAF is the healthiest bread we’ve ever made – or ever encountered anywhere. Our pioneering process means it carries extra nutritional benefits akin to the best vegetables, with a unique fibre profile that’s optimised for human health

Unlike a lot of healthier choices, SUPERLOAF makes zero compromises on taste.

SUPERLOAF sells at a much lower price point than most artisan-style loaves, in line with Melissa’s founding mission.

It’s been a rewarding, revolutionary road to here. Thanks for travelling it with us.

Melissa, Leo & the team

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