The Modern Mission - Modern Baker

Modern Baker is a Life Sciences business based in Oxford, England, determined to make a material difference to public health by changing the public’s eating habits for the better. We’re acutely aware that choice is taste-led, so we are set up as the UK’s first genuinely ‘Healthy Baking’ brand with ‘delicious’ in pole position, lifting the soul through the most direct route: eyes-nose-mouth-gut-soul.


We pioneer a completely new approach that combines modern science with ancient technology via slow-carb baking – the commercial production of lower GI carbohydrates that are actively good for human digestion and gut health.


We have persuasive personal experience of the life-changing effects of intelligent diet. We’re also government-funded to work with academia to prove what we claim: that the right food is the key to fixing our rampant public health and happiness issues.


We’re passionate about sharing our discoveries with everyone.

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