The Modern Mission

We are a Life Sciences company based in Oxford, England, committed to tackling humanity’s most pressing health crisis head-on.

That crisis is poor diet, and a major culprit is ‘fast carbs’ – refined carbohydrates detached from any meaningful fibre.

While making up over 30% of the world’s calories, bread is no longer the ‘staff of life’ – often the opposite. With a Glycaemic Index higher than sugared fizzy drinks, and no more use to human digestion, much of it scarcely deserves to be called ‘bread’ at all.

In fact, over 95% of all baked goods deserve to be called ‘Fast-Carbs’: indistinguishable from sugar to the digestive system and rapidly absorbed by the blood stream, providing the human gut with none of the fuel it needs to function – with ruinous consequences.

We’re determined to change this state of affairs – by making HEALTHY BAKING available to everyone and driving up the quality of dietary carbohydrates, for the common good.

We were the UK’s first HEALTHY BAKING company, that’s still our core mission – why we get out of bed, come to work, fire up the ovens.

We won’t switch off until we’ve got there.



One half of US adults are affected by diet-related chronic illness. The annual cost to UK society is expected to reach almost £50bn by 2050. The picture is similar across the world, and only getting worse.

It’s crippling healthcare systems globally, to the tune of $trillions. Unchecked, it will devastate the health and social capital of future generations. It’s already defined as a pandemic, similar in scale to climate change.

Conflicting advice and information overload are causing people to doubt their food choices. They default to comforting favourites – often at huge cost to their long-term health.

At the heart of this is a lack of clear education on diet, compounded by a lack of clarity across the board. ‘Carbohydrates’ get demonised along with fat, sugar and other catch-all enemies. The truth is that none of these are uniformly bad for us. They just have bad versions (the majority) and measurably better versions – that not coincidentally taste better and make us feel better too.


We are pioneers of bread 2.0 – a completely new way to bake that combines modern science with ancient technology, creating ‘Slow-Carb Baking’ through the alchemy of Long Form Fermentation, allowing the commercial production of lower-GI carbohydrates that are actively good for human digestion and gut health.

If that sounds a bit of a mouthful, at least we can prove it’s a healthy one. We’re underpinned with government-backed biotech research to prove all our health claims and push the boundaries of human comprehension of what humans really need.

We’re also pioneering an education programme through schools, so future generations can escape the influence of the last few decades of backward progress and rediscover their ancestors’ rightful legacy; instinctive nutritional wisdom.

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