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The Joys of Freezing Modern Baker bread

by Ophelia Froud, Glowcation

Unless you know how to bake bread (I don’t) or have an artisan bakery at the end of your road (I don’t) then fresh, daily and delicious bread isn’t a reality. Bread has had a bad rap in recent years for being unhealthy, carb laden and packed with sugar and additives but imagine if you could have easy access to the healthiest bread possible, daily in your own home?

I stumbled upon the joys of freezing Modern Baker bread by accident. I was product spotting for our plant-based review platform, Glowcation in Planet Organic one Saturday morning when I spied the Modern Baker bread tumbling out of large wooden crates. All 48-hour fermented sourdough, the Modern House, Super Spelt and Seedy Seedy options all made with organic ingredients sat sliced and beautifully packaged ready for a good home. I brought one of each and took them back to eat one on that day and freeze the rest.

At first it was an experiment. Would the bread freeze? Would it taste the same after being frozen? Could my tiny freezer cope with an influx of bread? I was surprised and delighted to discover that not only did the bread freeze beautifully, but the resealable packaging meant that if I didn’t take it out the night before we could grab some slices at breakfast straight from the freezer and toast a couple of slices from frozen.

There are multiple benefits of freezing bread – firstly there’s less wastage. Secondly, you have bread on hand when you need it. But somewhat surprisingly, it also actually increases the nutritional value of bread. Modern Baker research has shown that the body has a lower blood glucose response to frozen bread than it would from unfrozen bread. Remarkably, if you then toast the bread, the blood glucose response is lowered again, and adding butter means a yet lower response once again. The freezing process makes the starch more resistant to digestion which means there is more food for your gut. So not only did I finally have healthy, daily bread on tap but freezing it, added even more nutritional punch looking after gut health daily.

Breakfasts were transformed. (By knowing I was looking after my gut health daily.) Avocados smashed on sourdough sprinkled with chilli flakes and a dash of lemon juice served on wooden platters rotated with boiled eggs and Seedy Seedy soldiers or spelt toast topped with almond butter.

My weekly visits became a ritual to collect 5 loaves of Modern Baker bread to freeze for the week ahead. Except now I can literally get the healthiest bread in the UK delivered straight to my door thanks to the new Modern Baker delivery service. That daily, delicious bread to my door has never been made easier.



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