Sauerkraut: Modern Baker’s natural medicine

Modern Baker healthy chef Ashley Keen shares her delicious fermented cabbage (sauerkraut) and kraut juice recipe, and tips for fermenting.

Modern Baker’s focus for National Vegetarian Week was to help revive the ancient technology of fermenting plant based foods for better health. The two best fermentations to master in your own kitchen are sourdough bread and sauerkraut.


Of these, the sheer simplicity of making your own sauerkraut and the quick, delicious results makes it a great place to start. We have gallons of it bubbling away at Modern Baker as well as selling jars of it in our shop. It’s also a recurring ingredient in Modern Baker’s adventurous five-course Fermentation Feast menu (ever tried sauerkraut chocolate? or bread?) that popped-up at Soho Farmhouse.


Fermenting foods was one of modern man’s key transforming technologies and a major trigger for the agricultural revolution 12,000 years ago. Natural fermentation converts the naturally present sugars into lactic acid that inhibits harmful bacteria and acts as a preservative.


Beyond that, and arguably more important in today’s era of factory-based foods, fermentation creates probiotics that promote the growth of friendly intestinal bacteria, increase overall nutrition, aid digestion and support the immune function. In short, a powerful, natural medicine that tastes good too.


Sauerkraut + Kraut Juice









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