Cranberry, Pecan & Oat

These biscuits are the perfect cross between a biscuit and a flapjack. Made with a special sweet oat sourdough, they have a fruity depth of flavour with a delicious buttery feel. A perfect filling snack to tide you over between meals.


Spelt Flour*, Oats*(28%), Oat Bran*, Vanilla*, Cranberries* (6%), Pecans*(6%), Coconut Sugar* Coconut Oil*, Salt, Almond Milk* (*organic ingredients)

Chocolate Chip & Almond

Your favourite chocolate chip biscuits given a Modern Baker twist. These are crunchy and reassuringly familiar. We use chocolate chips (made with coconut sugar) and our special sweet sourdough for the perfect addition to your biscuit tin.


Spelt Flour*, Ground Almonds* (13%), Chocolate Chips* (10%), Coconut Oil* Coconut Sugar*, Salt, Vanilla, Bicarbonate of soda*, Milk* (*organic ingredients)

Ginger & Turmeric

These biscuits taste like your childhood memories of ginger snaps – with a depth of flavour thanks to a combination of spices including ginger (of course), cinnamon and turmeric. Made with our special sweet sourdough, these are perfect for dunking in a steaming mug of tea for a comforting treat.


Spelt Flour*, Ground Almonds*, Cinnamon*, Ginger*(3%), Turmeric*(1%), Black pepper*, Coconut Oil*, Coconut Sugar*, Salt, Vanilla*, Bicarbonate of Soda*, Milk* (*organic ingredients)

Double Chocolate & Hazelnut

These biscuits sound, look and taste super-indulgent, but fermented with our special biscuit sourdough levain and unrefined, coconut sugar they’re indulgent with a hint of virtue. A satisfyingly rich, chocolate treat.


Almond Milk* (Almonds, Rice, Sunflower Oil), Coconut Sugar*, Spelt Flour*, Hazelnuts*(6%), chocolate chips* (cocoa mass, coconut sugar, cocoa butter) (6%), cacao powder*, vanilla*, salt, coconut oil*, bicarb of soda* (*organic ingredients)

Salted Peanut & Chocolate Chip

Peanuts and chocolate are an iconic combination. Fermented with our special biscuit sourdough levain and an added hint of salt they’re an instant classic.


Almond Milk* (Almonds, Rice, Sunflower Oil), Coconut Sugar*, Spelt Flour*, Peanut Butter*, Peanuts* (7%), Chocolate Chips*(Cocoa Mass, Coconut Sugar, Cocoa Butter) (5%), Vanilla*, Salt (0.5%), Coconut Oil*, Bicarb of Soda* (*organic ingredients)