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It would seem that word about healthy baking spreads like wild… organic nut butter.

Modern Baker has recently been featured in a number of articles including the Guardian and Telegraph, and our favourite international design magazine Wallpaper*. We are also listed top of this year’s Hip & Healthy Guide to the Cotswolds’ food and drink destinations, along with Daylesford Organic.

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“At Modern Baker in Summertown, Oxford, sales of turmeric lattes – listed on the menu as “Golden mylk” (the “y” is health-speak for non-cow milk) now outnumber that of regular lattes.” Read the full article ‘Tumeric latte: the golden milk with a cult following’ in The Guardian. This was followed by a feature in the Telegraph, ‘Why turmeric is the super-spice of the summer’, which uses the Modern Baker as its trendsetting example!

“Mouth-watering raw millionaire’s shortbread, blueberry and almond cream tart and ginger cookies (to name but a few) are neatly placed on pretty cake stands without a trace of refined sugar in sight. Hooray!”  Hip and Healthy’s Guide to the Cotwolds – read the full article

“Modern Baker is confidently leading the way in a healthy baking revolution – well on its way to acquiring star status, and deservedly so.” Read the full article ‘Good for you: Modern Baker leads the healthy baking revolution’ in Wallpaper*

“We have since each put in easily more than the 10,000 hours that qualifies us as experts. We have our own company that lives and breathes the same principles that worked for Melissa.” Read the full article ‘Sugar tax: thanks George but can we talk?’ in The Independent

Leo’s comment article in The Independent uses Modern Baker’s terrific story to illustrate how sugar habits can change when we take more responsibility for educating ourselves. As a follow up to this, he commented on why public attitudes to healthy fats need to change, also in the Independent.

Since the Guardian article’s publication we’ve been featured in at least five Indian publications including the India Times.



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