Bake it yourself. Here’s how.

The first Modern Baker book, A New Way to Bake, shows you how to do it for yourself. We want to change eating for the better – so we’re delighted if you follow our recipes rather than buy all your better food from us!    

The simply-written book will transform your knowledge of baking and show you a revolutionary way to apply it that’s both delicious and good for you. The 120 recipes cover bread, pizza, cakes and bites, all designed to promote gut health. They use unrefined ingredients, natural alternatives to white sugar and traditional, uncomplicated baking methods based on simple natural sourdough starters.

We guide readers through the process of natural fermentation in their own kitchen, and gives them the tools to be confident, experiment and create their own artisan healthy bakes at home.

Available to purchase in our cafe, via AmazonHiveWH Smith and Waterstones.