Modern Baker - Rustic, Tinned & Seeded

Our house loaf, a long fermented sourdough with a small amount of rye, in three varieties. Rustic is crusty with an open crumb, great for soups and a ploughman’s. Tinned has a thinner crust and tighter crumb, excellent for sandwiches and toast. Seeded (Tinned or Rustic) is the same bread but laden with pumpkin, sunflower, sesame and linseeds.

Rye & Seeded Rye

Our 100% rye, sourdough loaf. Naturally dark and with a distinctive flavour that actually improves with age. Great with smoked fish, pate and cheese. Seeded is for those who want a bit more bite and a little extra fibre.

Simple Seeded Gluten-Free*

For those avoiding wheat, but prefer a more traditional loaf. A mix of brown rice, potato and buckwheat flours plus the seed mix found in Modern Baker Seeded. Square edged, dense, packed with goodness and long lasting.

Life Changing Loaf*

Gluten-free and packed with nuts, seeds and oats for extra flavour, the clue is in the title. Ideal for those avoiding wheat or simply desiring to take their bread to another level. Complements strong flavours and a quirky accompaniments.


Another superhero of our bread selection. Made from quinoa grains, chia seeds and kamut flour, it’s a good source of protein, and the quinoa & chia seeds provide some omega 3s. Nutty in flavour, we love it with avocado.

Modern Baker Stick - our Baguette

A 100% sourdough stick, with a crisp crust and open texture on the inside. Satisfyingly chewy, the cornerstone of a wholesome lunch, picnic or snack.

Sprouted Wholewheat

An incredibly wholesome loaf made with sprouted flour so it’s packed with bioavailable nutrients.

Chickpea Gluten-Free* Sourdough

A golden combination of chickpea and buckwheat flours create this strongly satisfying gluten-free and seed-free loaf.

*As gluten-free as we can make it in the bakery