Good provenance is the cornerstone of what we believe in

To us this means that every ingredient and product is not only sourced for the very best taste, quality and nutrition but is also screened for chemicals, pesticides, animal and human welfare, food miles and fair trade. We are proud that our bread is 100% organic, long-fermented and made only with sourdough instead of yeast and with traditional, stoneground grains.

There is an ever growing awareness that much of the food we are encouraged, tempted and even advised to consume is responsible for a whole host of modern illness and that is at the heart of why Modern Baker exists. We want to provide you with an alternative that is healthy, nutritious but above all delicious.

Nothing refined enters or leaves the premises and everything we produce we believe to be actively good for you. There are no ’empty’ calories, refined sugars or false beliefs at Modern Baker, just uber-healthy breads, cakes and pastries with lots of smiles.