Like all the best bread, our manifesto follows a deceptively simple recipe.

We start with equal parts PROVENANCE, NUTRITION AND TASTE.


You can’t bake the best bread with average ingredients. The same is even truer of cakes and biscuits.  

So every ingredient we use is sourced for the very best taste, quality and nutrition and also screened for chemicals, pesticides, animal and human welfare, food miles and fair trade. Nothing very refined enters or leaves the premises.

We are immensely proud that our bread is 100% organic, long-fermented and made only with sourdough instead of yeast and with traditional, stoneground grains.

It’s an obsession. It’s the only way forward.  


There is an ever-growing awareness that much of the food we are tempted and even advised to consume is not in the least good for us. Quite the opposite; it’s directly responsible for a host of modern illnesses.

The twin culprits are speed and profit, which have become intertwined. There are a lot of humans to feed, and feeding them is highly profitable – all the more so if you can produce it fast. But what makes it fast is what makes it bad for you.

Put simply, the human gut has not kept up with industry. What was good for us 30,000 years ago is good for us now, and what wasn’t good still isn’t. There’s just a lot more of it around.

Here at Modern Baker there are no ’empty’ calories, refined sugars or false beliefs. Proving our claims is central to who we are. Check the SCIENCE section of this site.


Of the three things we ask of all our food, being delicious is the most critical. It’s only third on the list because it comes as a result of the other two.  

But without it, none of the rest is relevant. People prefer to eat the things they like.

So that’s exactly what we make.