Modern Baker is a Life Sciences business based in Oxford, England, determined to make a material difference to public health by changing the public’s eating habits for the better.

We pioneer a completely new approach that combines modern science, ancient technology and organoleptic excellence into Slow-Carb Baking – the commercial production of lower GI carbohydrates that are actively good for human digestion and gut health.

We have persuasive personal experience of the life-changing effects of intelligent diet. We’re also acutely aware that choice is taste-led, so we began as the UK’s first genuinely ‘Healthy Baking’ brand with ‘delicious’ in pole position.  

Our proof-of-concept retail café in Oxford has the highest nutritional standards of any High Street food outlet in the UK. Its devoted local and national following allowed it to serve as the springboard to a far wider project.  

Now one side of Modern Baker works with food scientists, wider academia, biotech and agronomy to pursue our core mission – to improve the quality of dietary carbohydrates across the board via scientific proof rather than hunch.

The other side remains dedicated to making delicious Slow-Carb Baking products that incorporate the best of the developing science and persuade people that our hallowed trinity of provenance, nutrition and taste makes for food that’s ‘better’ in all senses.   


We believe that most contemporary food is a million miles from ‘modern’. It stems from a time when the line linking nutrition to profit became fatally broken.

Such thinking is now universally discredited by nutritionists but still allowed to prevail on our supermarket shelves. The idea of ‘good for you’ is often hi-jacked by brands selling food that’s not quite so bad for you. Meanwhile, food that’s actually good for you is exiled to the margins. The UK’s 12m daily loaves have a bad reputation; biscuits and cakes more so, unfortunately with very good reason. But proper bread is still the ‘staff of life’, and we’re reinstating it to its rightful status.

This is not the preserve of a metropolitan elite. Anyone who ever upgrades a mobile phone or buys a round in a pub clearly has the funds to eat proper food. It needn’t even cost more than its ‘quick fix’ alternative. It’s all about choices, and it’s usually the wrong ones getting promoted.  

We believe food has gone wrong. We’re here to champion nutritional wisdom.


The human digestive system pre-dates all forms of commerce and has not evolved to accommodate its demands. Commercially processed foods have bypassed nutritional wisdom and hi-jacked the developed world’s tastebuds in the way that’s totally inconsistent with scientific and medical advice. We fill up on ‘food’ with no value.     

We’re obsessive about proving what we say. The glut of misleading information around nutrition is costing billions in preventable disease. In 2017 Modern Baker secured two funding awards from Innovate UK totalling £763,000 over two years, resulting in R&D collaborations with Newcastle University’s Cell and Molecular Biosciences Department and Campden BRI, one of the world’s leading food and drink research technology organisations, as well as other collaborations in biotech and agronomy.


We began because Melissa became seriously ill. As with food, the ‘modern’ response seemed stuck in the recent past – and not all good for you.

Yet all animals instinctively know that the best medicine is the right food. For millions of years, humans did too.

So Melissa and Leo informed themselves. Experimented. Melissa became well. Drugs played their part, but without many of the supposedly inevitable side-effects. They were on to something.

Melissa and Leo recruited Lindsay, who was on to the same thing. They opened a shop/café in Oxford. People instinctively responded to what we were doing, irresistibly drawn what came out of the ovens.

People who hadn’t allowed themselves bread or cakes for years allowed themselves ours and felt better, healthier and happier, comfortable in proving what they’d always suspected: a little of what you fancy does a world of good to both body and soul. Providing, of course, it’s made with the right stuff.


2017 saw the opening of an architect-designed, state-of-the-art R&D and production kitchen, a three-way auction won by Penguin Random House to publish healthy baking bible Modern Baker: A New Way To Bake, as well as the launch of 12 Modern Baker branded breads and cakes into a number of leading independent boutique food retailers, including London’s Planet Organic and Selfridges.

So we’ve grown, but our principles won’t change. They’re who we are.

We’re in this for the long haul, to promote a lasting revolution in eating habits.  

We won’t be sidelined.