We began because Melissa became ill. The ‘modern’ medical response seemed stuck in the recent past – and manifestly bad for you.

Yet all animals instinctively know that the right food is the best medicine. For millions of years, humans did too

So she and Leo informed themselves. Experimented. Melissa became well. Drugs played their part, but without many of the supposedly inevitable side-effects. We were on to something.

Melissa and Leo recruited Lindsay, who was on to the same thing. They opened a shop/café in Oxford. It was an instant hit. People instinctively responded to what we were doing and were irresistibly drawn what came out of the ovens.

People who hadn’t allowed themselves bread or cakes for years allowed themselves ours and felt better, healthier and happier, comfortable in proving what they’d always suspected: a little of what you fancy does a world of good to both body and soul. Providing, of course, it’s made with the right stuff.

We were on to something big.


We believe that most contemporary food is a million miles from deserving the name of ‘modern’.

We believe that ‘good for you’ is mis-appropriated by stuff that’s not quite so bad for you, and want to untangle all that. Meanwhile food that’s actually good for you is exiled to the worthy, yoghurt-weaving margins.

Food has gone wrong. We’re here to champion nutritional wisdom.

Our manifesto follows a simple recipe. We start with equal parts PROVENANCE, NUTRITION AND TASTE.


Faith can take us a long way, but just believing something doesn’t make it true – nor does claiming it, despite what lazier elements in the food industry would like. So we are beginning to harness the science we have on our side.



For retail or wholesale enquiries please call 01865 554 679.