When bakery owner, Melissa Sharp, was faced with a serious illness in 2010 she was forced to confront the connection between stress, nutrition and chronic ill-health. This realisation led to Melissa discovering that you don’t need to miss out on taste if you want to eat healthily and that there were a plethora of organic, ‘clean’ ingredients available as alternatives to the processed and refined ones prevalent in so many of today’s foods.

The absence of healthy bread and other natural products on the High Street bothered Melissa and after attending courses in nutrition and artisan baking she was soon making her own breads and cakes. It was from all of this that the idea of creating a bakery that wasn’t just a bakery evolved and so Modern Baker was born.

Fast forward to the summer of 2013 and the vision for the bakery was set, the premises in North Oxford were soon secured and the only missing piece of the puzzle was having a baker on the team.

Though a keen baker herself Melissa was well aware she needed a professional and so it was that artisan baker Lindsay Stark was added to the team, a graduate of The School of Artisan Food in Nottingham who shared in Melissa’s vision that although taste always comes first, nutrition and good provenance come in a very close equal second.

For retail or wholesale enquiries please call 01865 554 679.